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Epaper CMS 2.3 Released!

We are pleased to announce Epaper CMS 2.3. Here are the new features of this CMS: 1) New Area Map Editor: With new area map editor you can not only add titles but also description, meta tags and even upload custom images. 2) Enews theme upgraded with two more menubars plus left side thumbnail feature. […]

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PHP Quick Login adds Login System on your websites

With “PHP Quick Login” you can add login system on your website without using database and only with only three lines of code. require_once ‘quicklogin/quicklogin.class.php'; $quicklogin = new QuickLogin(); $quicklogin->check(); Since this script does not uses the database, it stores username and passwords in a configuration file. Configuration file has following parameters return array(     […]

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Epaper CMS 2.2 Released!

Epaper CMS 2.2 is an important update. It also includes various bug fixes so it is highly recommended to update your sites. This is free for all the existing customers of Epaper CMS. Whats New? 1) Sitemaps: Now you can generate XML sitemaps for newspapers on monthly basis.   2) Now you can add titles […]

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Bachat – Money Management Software

Today I am glad to announce, Bachat 1.0. Bachat is a basic home money management software. In hindi “Bachat” means “Savings”. This software helps you to keep record of your income and expenses and shows reports for months, weeks or years. This software is totally free and runs in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.1 […]

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User Reaction Plugin for WordPress

The User Reaction plugin allow users to react your content but too lazy to type out an comment. You can create your own custom reaction types, Upload icons, change order and even show the top x posts of any reaction using widgets. Features Allow only registered users or anybody to vote Display voting widget in […]

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Epaper CMS 2.1 Released!

We have just released the Epaper CMS 2.1 What’s New? 1) Bug fixed on Area map tool plus name of “Add crop area” button has been changed to “Add Area Map”. 2) Now Ads can be displayed on popup windows of area maps. 3) Popup settings page added 4) New Edition dialog box default status […]

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Publish eNewspapers online with Epaper CMS 2.0

We are very happy to announce the version 2.0 of Epaper CMS. What’s new in this version: 1) Define regions to zoom in selected story on newspaper from a very user friendly interface. See how it works: http://demos.abhinavsoftware.com/epaper/epaper/edition/9/new-york-times 2) A New “eNews” Theme. 3) Improve performance by enabling cache. 4) Enable calender archive on daily […]

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