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Epaper CMS 2.6.7 Released

Due to some bugs found in Epaper CMS 2.6.6 we are releasing 2.6.7 version. The following bugs have been fixed: 1) Search Box Width problem in Google Chrome 2) Masnory function error in General and Press Theme 3) Page dropdown error in General and Press Theme

Epaper CMS 2.6.6 Released

An update of our Epaper CMS has been released. Here is the change log of this update. NEW: Press and General Both are now Responsive NEW: Improved PDF to JPG Converter NEW: Tabs in Area Map page NEW: New search result page for both Press and General Theme NEW: File size will appear with each […]

Epaper CMS 2.6.5 Released

Change Log: 2.6.5 BUGFIX: Contact Form Email BUGFIX: Sitemap Error BUGFIX: Print Image problem BUGFIX: Error in PDF uploading in editions on some browsers BUGFIX: Order of editions will be determined by the order specified in Epaper settings. NEW FEATURE: Latest Edition in Category Menuitem. NEW FEATURE: Page titles on side thumbnails. NEW FEATURE: Dropdown […]

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