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Bachat – Money Management Software

Today I am glad to announce, Bachat 1.0. Bachat is a basic home money management software. In hindi “Bachat” means “Savings”. This software helps you to keep record of your income and expenses and shows reports for months, weeks or years. This software is totally free and runs in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.1 […]

User Reaction Plugin for WordPress

The User Reaction plugin allow users to react your content but too lazy to type out an comment. You can create your own custom reaction types, Upload icons, change order and even show the top x posts of any reaction using widgets. Features Allow only registered users or anybody to vote Display voting widget in […]

Epaper CMS 2.1 Released!

We have just released the Epaper CMS 2.1 What’s New? 1) Bug fixed on Area map tool plus name of “Add crop area” button has been changed to “Add Area Map”. 2) Now Ads can be displayed on popup windows of area maps. 3) Popup settings page added 4) New Edition dialog box default status […]

Publish eNewspapers online with Epaper CMS 2.0

We are very happy to announce the version 2.0 of Epaper CMS. What’s new in this version: 1) Define regions to zoom in selected story on newspaper from a very user friendly interface. See how it works: http://demos.abhinavsoftware.com/epaper/epaper/edition/9/new-york-times 2) A New “eNews” Theme. 3) Improve performance by enabling cache. 4) Enable calender archive on daily […]

Now publish Epapers and Emagazines with Epaper CMS PHP Script

Today I am pleased to announce the release of first version of Epaper CMS. While working as a freelancer I did several projects from those clients who wanted to put their magazines or newspapers on internet. I also noticed that many of them didn’t have enough money to invest. So I thought to make a generic […]

Now we are on Facebook and Twitter

We have just launched our Facebook and Twitter pages. Now you can get latest tweets and updates by joining them. Our facebook address is: http://facebook.com/abhinavsoftware Our twitter profile is: http://twitter.com/abhinavsoftware Don’t forget to Like and Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Embed any file with this free plugin

Today, we are pleased to announce “Free Embed Media Shortcodes Plugin for WordPress” With this plugin you will be able to easily embed many kinds of files from audio video to documents and even webpages and rss feeds. This plugin supports following files: Office documents(All formats which are supported by Google Docs viewer) Flv and […]

Prayog Basic – Free Responsive WordPress Theme For Your Blog

We are glad to announce our first free wordpress theme, Prayog Basic. In hindi the word “Prayog” means experiment. This theme is for experimental purpose, i.e. collecting feedback and reviews. This theme is responsive but does not contains lots of customization options. So if you need any customizations you can contact us. You can download […]