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PHP Based Billing and Stock Management Software Released!

Billing and Stock Management Software is a PHP based script. You can use this script to manage your stocks and billings for your shop.

You can run it using PHPDesktop or XAMPP or Linux Server. It uses SQLite database. If you need MySql support or any modification you can contact us.


  • Bill Management
  • Customer List CSV export
  • Product Stocks
  • Services
  • Expenses Management
  • Reports with Date Range


PHP 5.5

Required Extensions for Yii-2 Framework

  • Reflection extension
  • PCRE extension
  • SPL extension
  • Ctype extension
  • MBString extension
  • OpenSSL extension
  • Intl extension
  • ICU version
  • Fileinfo extension
  • DOM extension
  • PDO extension
  • PDO MySQL extension
  • SQLite extension

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