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Epaper CMS 2.6.7 Released

Due to some bugs found in Epaper CMS 2.6.6 we are releasing 2.6.7 version. The following bugs have been fixed: 1) Search Box Width problem in Google Chrome 2) Masnory function error in General and Press Theme 3) Page dropdown error in General and Press Theme

Epaper CMS 2.6.6 Released

An update of our Epaper CMS has been released. Here is the change log of this update. NEW: Press and General Both are now Responsive NEW: Improved PDF to JPG Converter NEW: Tabs in Area Map page NEW: New search result page for both Press and General Theme NEW: File size will appear with each […]

Epaper CMS 2.6.5 Released

Change Log: 2.6.5 BUGFIX: Contact Form Email BUGFIX: Sitemap Error BUGFIX: Print Image problem BUGFIX: Error in PDF uploading in editions on some browsers BUGFIX: Order of editions will be determined by the order specified in Epaper settings. NEW FEATURE: Latest Edition in Category Menuitem. NEW FEATURE: Page titles on side thumbnails. NEW FEATURE: Dropdown […]

Problems of version 2.6.3 are now fixed! Epaper CMS 2.6.4 Released!

After just releasing Epaper CMS 2.6.3 users have reported a problem in Area Map Editor.  Taking that issue seriously have immediately fixed it. Today we are releasing its update as version 2.6.4. This update will be sent to all existing customers.

Epaper CMS 2.6.3 Released

We have just released an minor update (2.6.3) of Epaper CMS.  It includes some bug fixes on Area Map features.

Epaper CMS 2.6.2 Released

We have just released a minor update for Epaper CMS. Whats new in version 2.6.2? Support for PHP 5.6 Various Bug  Fixes Area Map Script changed Yii Framework Updated Ajax functionality in “General” Theme. How to update from 2.6.1 or 2.6.0? Clear /assets folder. Replace framework, protected and themes folder. This update is free for […]

PHP Based Billing and Stock Management Software Released!

Billing and Stock Management Software is a PHP based script. You can use this script to manage your stocks and billings for your shop. You can run it using PHPDesktop or XAMPP or Linux Server. It uses SQLite database. If you need MySql support or any modification you can contact us. Features Bill Management Customer […]

Epaper CMS 2.6.1 Update Released

– FIXED : Double loading of page in Chrome browser – FIXED : Url rewriting issue when “Epaper Latest Edition” home page selected. – FIXED : Now displays a human understandable message if user does not uploads any pages on any edition – REPLACED: CKEditor replaced by TinyMCE Editor in Pages module. Antivirus of some […]

Quiz Engine Source Code is now available

We received many requests from developers for source code of Quiz Engine Software. We are now making it available for $179 or INR 10,000. If you want to build your Quiz Engine System and customize it according to your requirements, you can contact us on contact@abhinavsoftware.com

Quiz Engine 1.0 Released!

We are glad to announce the first version of Quiz Engine – Online Examination Software. It has been previously labelled as Quiz Pro beta. To avoid any confusions with the word “Pro” we have renamed it to Quiz Engine. So what are the major changes from beta? 1) Mobile Friendly Interface for Student Area 2) […]

Epaper CMS 2.6 released with lots of new features

We are pleased to announce the availability of Epaper CMS 2.6. Whats New? 1) Supplementary Pages: Now you can include any additional weekly magazine with your current edition. 2) Bookmarks: You can highlight and link special stories in dropdown menu. 3) Popup Dialog: Now area map popup window can be opened in jQuery dialog box. […]

Quiz Pro Beta 2 Now Available

We have just released Beta2 of Quiz Pro Online Examination Software. It includes many new features like Slideshow In front page, 16 Digit Unique Identifier for students, web based installer and many bug fixes. People who have already downloaded the application can download it from their My Account page. Quiz Pro Online Examination System requires […]