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Epaper CMS 2.3 Released!

We are pleased to announce Epaper CMS 2.3. Here are the new features of this CMS:

1) New Area Map Editor: With new area map editor you can not only add titles but also description, meta tags and even upload custom images.

2) Enews theme upgraded with two more menubars plus left side thumbnail feature.

3) Bug fixed in Edition list widget.
4) Bug fixed in featured editions on themes
5) Now you can edit the size of thumbnails of Thumbnail box. You can also enable the titles in thumbnail box.

6) You can now change the PDF download mode to “Via PHP” and show “Save file” dialog to your users when they try to download PDF.
7) Experimental feature: Search. This is not final yet. But still you can try it. This works for the area maps.

Get it from here:

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