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Epaper CMS 2.6.6 Released

An update of our Epaper CMS has been released. Here is the change log of this update.

NEW: Press and General Both are now Responsive
NEW: Improved PDF to JPG Converter
NEW: Tabs in Area Map page
NEW: New search result page for both Press and General Theme
NEW: File size will appear with each page in page uploading page.
NEW: Changed the labels of buttons in several places.

BUGFIX: Printing problem of pages
BUGFIX: Fixed the cropped image downloading problem on Android devices.
BUGFIX: Added Facebook Graph API on Area Map pages.
BUGFIX: Page Navigation issue in both General and Press theme.
BUGFIX: Linking Area Maps has been improved.

This update is free for existing customers.

New demo is here: http://demos.abhinavsoftware.com/epapercms/demo/

Purchase Epaper CMS from here

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