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PHP Quick Login adds Login System on your websites

With “PHP Quick Login” you can add login system on your website without using database and only with only three lines of code.

require_once 'quicklogin/quicklogin.class.php';
$quicklogin = new QuickLogin();

Since this script does not uses the database, it stores username and passwords in a configuration file. Configuration file has following parameters

return array(
    //Username and Passwords
    "username" => "admin",
    "password" => "admin",
    //Login and logout urls
    "login_url" => "http://example.com/quicklogin/login.php",
    "logout_url" => "http://example.com/quicklogin/logout.php",
    //Default redirect url
    "default_redir" => "http://example.com/index.php",
    //Maximum failed login attempts
    "max_attempts" => 5,
    //Lock the login system for the following duration due to failed login login attempts
    "lock_duration" => 30,

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